John Collins

J O H N  C O L L I N S

Utah artist, John Collins learned much about painting from his sister Chris and his father, Gary Max Collins, who are both artists. Another of John‘s influences was his high school art instructor, artist Connie Borup. In 1981 he received an art scholarship to the University of Utah where he studied fine art and design. Here he expanded and developed his interests in painting, printing, design and illustration. John enjoys working in many different mediums [watercolor, oil & acrylic] and likes to paint a variety of subject matter in different styles [traditional, contemporary and experimental]. John has collaborated with his father and sister on mural projects in Seattle, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Las Vegas, Hawaii and Miami. His active lifestyle and love of the outdoors is reflected in his plein air paintings. Some of his favorite painting trips have been in Europe where he has painted the Italian countryside and villages in France with his father, Gary Max Collins.  John can also be found teaching watercolor classes in the desert of southern Utah and on river trips along the Colorado.

John has shown his paintings in many galleries in Utah and around the country and has participated in group shows as well as family shows with his sister and father. He has also worked on several large commissioned paintings and mural projects. Some of these include:

Murals for the Tropical Suites at The MGM Hotel, Las Vegas
Murals for the Mauna Lani Resort in Hawaii
Murals for The Citrus golf club in Palm Springs, California
Paintings for Maroon Creek Golf Club in Aspen, Colorado
Murals for Doral Resort in Miami, Florida
Painting for Sundance Wildflower Farms packaging
Paintings and murals for The Chateaux Hotel, Deer Valley, Utah
Paintings for the Salt Lake International Airport
Painting for the Confluence Room in the Geology Building at the University of Utah
Paintings for The Spa at Stein Eriksen Lodge

a s s i s t e d   i n   p a i n t i n g s  &  m u r a l s :
Residential mural for Arthur Annecharico Pacific Palisades, California
Large painting for Zion Park Lodge, Springdale, Utah
Mural painting of famous people from Seattle for a Seattle restaurant with Chris Collin